Memorize Koine Greek
vocabulary on your iPhone

Mimnesko helps you memorize and master Koine Greek vocabulary from the New Testament and the church fathers.  Create relevant stacks of words based on the amount of times they are used in a particular text or even how difficult the word is for you. Assign easy, medium, or hard to any word and focus on the difficult words, or brush up on ones you haven’t viewed in a while.



Create stacks of relevant words to study. You can filter words by Book, how many times the used in the given book, and how difficult the word is to you. Mimnesko includes Every single word used in each text so you wont miss any. Included texts:

  • New Testament
  • Individual New Testament Books
  • Church Fathers and individual Church Fathers books including:
  • 1 Clement
  • 2 Clement
  • Ignatius to Ephesians
  • Ignatius to Magnesians
  • Ignatius to Trillians
  • Ignatius to Romans
  • Ignatius to Philadelphians
  • Ignatius to Smyrnaeans
  • Ignatius to Polycarp
  • The Didache
  • Barnabas
  • Sheperd of Hermas
  • Diognetus
  • Papias

The Card View
Swipe left and right to move between cards. Swipe up and down to see the front and back (definition) of each card. With each word you can assign a difficulty level to use for filtering later.

Word difficulty

Assign easy, medium, or hard to each word, allowing you to filter words by difficulty. Mimnesko presets all words to difficult, and all words used over 50 times in the New Testament to easy.

While flipping through cards in a stack that filters a particular word difficulty level, you can change any word’s difficulty level on the fly. When back in the word list view you can then refresh to filter out any words that have changed.

  • Tyler

    Your app is so amazing– all words to 1x frequency is what we need so badly <3!

    Pleeeeeaaase make an app with the same functions and book-sorting options for Hebrew Vocab –

    Pleeeaaaaase :}. <3333333

    • wejrowski

      Hey thanks for the feedback! Yeah that was one of the reasons I created it, no other apps had all the words. I am definitely open to creating a Hebrew app. I am in the works of some changes to this one (see: http://mimnesko.com/2014/02/09/new-mimnesko-designs-much-fun/). After that perhaps!

      Don’t hesitate to share any more feedback/suggestions!

  • Mike Egerdahl

    This is a great app! Here are three suggestions (from a non-developer):
    1. Make it possible to randomize the card order
    2. Make it possible to create stacks that include more than one difficulty level (e.g. “difficult” and “medium”)
    3. Make the etymological helps optional (I would prefer not to have them… too easy to guess/cheat with them.)

    Overall, I love the app. Thanks for creating it. I love the fact that you can create multiple stacks and filter by book of the Bible. I also love that it includes the Church Fathers!

    • wejrowski

      1. Yes! randomized order is something I want to implement.
      2. Yeah easy/medium/hard may be too few for some, but I think it does fairly well. I have toyed with other ideas, like a “known”/black option. I also am thinking more about alternate ways of studying. The manual difficulty assignment works well, but I do love the idea of a sort of automated/brainless implementation so you don’t have to worry/think about categorization. I love what memrize does (they have an algorithm for reviewing words) and would love to incorporate something like that, but also be able to manually view/categorize and look words up.
      3. Interesting idea, I never thought about that! One alternate to make it harder too that I do sometimes is to start from the english and work back.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Greg Lawhorn

    Thanks, from a Talbot grad (’93). I had the distinction of being the FIRST Talbot student with a laptop!

    I’m enjoying Mimneskō, but suddenly it’s crashing. I went through First John and Second John as a refresher, and then started into Third John. As soon as I select “Familiar” words it abruptly shuts down. I’ve tried it with Mark and First Clement as well.

    I choosing “Known” and “Unknown”, neither of which causes a problem.

    Then I realized that I didn’t have any Familiar words marked, only Known and Unknown. When I marked one as Familiar, I could then select Familiar without a problem. Once I marked that word as Known, and there were no Familiar words any longer, it crashed again when I selected Familiar.

    Just FYI – keep the faith and thanks again!

    • wejrowski

      Haha crazy!.. glad you’re keeping up on your greek =)

      I will look at this ASAP, thank you for the comment!

    • wejrowski

      An update to fix this bug is on it’s way, right after Apple reviews it. Should be within a week. Thanks again for the feedback!

  • Hans Moscicke

    Greetings! I purchased the app and am very pleased with it so far. Thank you!

    I must say, however, that my heart sank when I realized that the definite articles are not included with the words, which means there is no way to tell whether a word is masculine, feminine, or neuter… which is crucial for where I’m at in my Greek-learning stage! Most vocab-lists include this too, fyi.
    Also, it would be awesome if you can flip all the cards so that you are first presented with the English so that you then have to guess the Greek. Many of my PhD peers and I find this the most effective way to really learn a word.

    Anyway, besides those two things, well done and thank you. If you were to update the app with said critiques, I would rant and rave about this app to my professors and fellow graduate student peers. Best!

    • wejrowski

      Thanks For the feedback! The article would be helpful, I may look into that.

      You CAN actually do what you’re talking about by starting with the English and moving to the greek (I intentionally did that because I’ll do the same thing). Just flip the card to the English side, then swipe left or right. The next card will show the same side of the previous one.

      • Hans Moscicke

        That is fantastic! And thanks for responding so quickly. That definitely upps the value of the app!

        P.S. The genitive endings are essential for knowing how a certain noun will decline, as I’m sure you know. This information can aid in the memorizing process. For example, mentally grouping certain 3rd declension nouns together (γένος, γένους and ὄρος, ὄρους)—otherwise you might mistake words like γένος for masculine nouns, following the second declension.

        • wejrowski

          Haha yeah =) Share the app with friends! Right now it’s unfortunately not well known but I would love for it to be. That’ll help push the need for more frequent updates.

          Yes it’s definitely important. I should add it. I personally try to know the noun endings pretty well and then guess based on context, but knowing the declension from the start would definitely make it easier. One other huge thing I want to add are the irregular verb forms.

  • Ronnie Barnes

    How about implementing an options menu for the following features which I will suggest:
    1) this option which can be toggled on and off: https://greek2u.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/58/?relatedposts_hit=1&relatedposts_origin=74&relatedposts_position=2

    2) lowlight and daylight options for different viewing contrasts ( like on this site where the background is black)

    3) reset option for personal statistics and/ or a simple user profile option.

    4) since it’s already such a consummate work for its category, why not keep going and have a section that is all various statistics about the GNT. I don’t even know what that would mean. Just wanted to give my feedback to express appreciation. Get the word out about this app, especially for the first and second year Greek students.

    • wejrowski

      Great suggestions! The first one is interesting and I’ll have to look into the effectiveness of that. Reset option could be useful. I’ve even thought about adding the ability to set a basic level of comprehension to discard commonly used words in order not to waste time going through them. For the time being the main index view of words with the ability to (without going into the word) quickly tap to cycle through the difficulty settings helps. Statistics would be very interesting. One basic thing I want to add is basic statistics on words while you’re cycling through them to know how common they are.

      Thanks for the feedback! And yes! The word needs to get out more. Any help with that is greatly appreciated.

  • Andrés Sorbera

    Thanks for a great app! Most of the things I would suggest are already posted here so I really would like to know is if there will be more updates coming or this is too much work for you? God bless you!

    • wejrowski

      Howdy Andrés! Updates! Oh how I would love to spend more time on this and there are a lot of updates I would like to implement, although I’m not sure exactly when. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of support to make it manageable to make larger updates. I’m debating opening it up to mobile web for users on android as well to gain more users as well ass potentially add other languages. Are you still using the app?